Pedal and a Gun

The Pedal and a Gun

Aluminum boxes stock! Custom orders take about 4 weeks.


A Frequency Reactive Distortion Pedal

Made for the bluesman in all of us!

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**vintage meter comes with custom wood boxes.
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Pedal and a Gun Sound Clips

About the Pedal and a Gun:

The Pedal and a Gun overdrive and distortion pedal is a new take on an old classic. Born of many hours of listening to the Blues, this pedal embodies those times when your woman done you wrong, the man has got you down and there just ain’t seem to be no relief, and all you need is a guitar and a Pedal and a Gun.

This pedal was created in part for Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders who says that not only does the pedal look “impressive and classy” but “It sounds and feels great! I love the ‘hot’ semi-driven tones it can produce, while retaining clarity and enhancing articulation.”

PAG-Lazer3The Pedal and a Gun combines an overdriven tube sound with with a high-gain boost control along with clean, buffered-signal features designed to help you get that perfect tone on stage or in the studio. With three traditional knobs for Volume (Output), Tone (Pedal) and Gain (Gun), this gives a familiar driven tone. This pedal also offers an additional gain boost (Recoil) that can be dialed in for even more drive and aggression!

But it isn’t all about gain. The Pedal and a Gun offers two clean buffered signals for recording clean tracks and dialing in more clean tone for better articulation. The “Mix” knob allows the user to dial in a boosted clean signal with the driven signal for better articulation and tone options. The volume on the boosted signal is fixed. A secondary output (output B) offers a clean buffered out to a separate pedal chain, board or amp.

The LED functions as both power indicator and meter and responds to your playing.

Knob Controls

  • PedalGun3wOutput: Controls the overall volume of the pedal.
  • Pedal: Tone control, also controls secondary gain knob. Tuning knob to the left limits gain on secondary control, turning to the right adds it in.
  • Gun: Primary gain control.
  • Recoil: Secondary gain control. Greatly increases gain and volume output. Feedback will occur when both
    Recoil and Pedal and turned up to their maximum settings.
  • Mix: Controls the mix between the gain signal and the clean, boosted signal to the primary output. Boosted volume is fixed and is unaffected by the output control.
  • Output Jack: Primary output for the pedal’s distortion signal.
  • Output B: Clean, buffered signal out. This secondary out can be used to link secondary affects to a clean signal, a separate amp or board inputs. Note, this output is inactive with the pedal turned off.


The Pedal and a Gun is now available in our latest laser-etched black finish or in our “Retro” wooden enclosures with vintage knobs and meter.

Check out the Pedal and a Gun from Retro Mechanical Labs today. “Retro” cabinet enclosures available by special order only!

Requires 9 volt, Negative Tip power supply. NOT INCLUDED

We have this item in stock! Custom orders take about 2 weeks.

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