B-STOCK!!! 432k Rev2 with Standard Meter

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Please read:

This pedal has a small chip that extends slightly passed the meter hole. Maybe this sort of thing doesn’t bother you but it bothers the heck out of me. So its a great deal. Works perfectly. Please see photos! Little dark spot under the meter… J-

Sorry, This item has sold.

More about the 432k rev2:
…Because vintage meters are limited and hard to find here is the “Standard meter” version. Meter is illuminated!
This model has a a couple of different mods not on the normal version. A sustain knob that works much like the sustain on the Muff pedals, additional gain stage clipping for a smoother fuzz. Those mods can drastically change the tone and texture of the pedal. In addition to the mods I’ve used a different set of transistors to give the unit a slightly different sound than the regular 432k Distortion box. This is a large pedal. Its about the same size foot print as the 5.5×7.5 wood boxes.

…The 432k Distortion box is all about signal routing. One distortion circuit with an active hybrid diode/transistor ladder filter (with resonant feedback) for tone control. Another with a clean pass signal. Both signals are merged together and “glued” through a transistor drive and op amp style fuzz. Also equipped with CV in for filter control. ***Use a CV to control the filter.
Things I enjoy about this pedal:

    • Hyper Fuzz tone
    • Hybrid Diode/Transistor ladder filter.
    • Enhanced resonant feedback for more expressive tones
    • Clean pass lets you bring a quality signal back into the compressed distortion
    • Op Amp style fuzz at end of signal chain. Dial in harsh tones and smooth them out.
    • Great for guitars and keyboards
    • CV filter control. Use CV in to control filter with modular gear, synth or CV pedal.
    • Low cut toggle for guitar use.
    • True Bypass

• Knob controls:

Distortion: Volume of Distortion
Filter: Filter Frequency
Resonance: Active resonant feedback
Clean: Clean signal
Low Cut: low end roll off
Transistor: Transistor gain/drive
Op Amp: Op Amp Fuzz
Output: Volume

**Requires a regulate 18volt DC Supply. Standard negative tip with a min of 150ma. (not included) Will run on 12volts for a dirtier sound. Lower voltage will affect the smoothness of the filter.

***All purchases done through Paypal. Units are always shipped ASAP. Please note when purchasing from eBay shipping charges may be vary.

****International shipping can vary. Typically I will credit back any difference when your unit is ready and I am able to verify exact shipping to your specific location.


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