Patch Cable Rack

Mic Stand Patch Cable Rack

Price: $36
Domestic shipping: $4-$18
Aprox. International Shipping: $23-$63

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Please visit Modular8 in Portland OR. for remaining stock. It’s on their website just click here!
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Introducing the RML Mic Stand Patch Cable Rack. It turns any mic stand into a portable cable rack. While there are a few other racks on the market we like this one because its got 6 holes in the center for eurorack midi cables. Its also specifically for eurorack cables, even the thick braided type. Its solid and sturdy. Its made of aluminum.

Fits about eurorack patch 220 cables if you fit 5 cables per slot. You can fit more. Im just being conservative.

Cables and mic stand not included. Use your existing hardware for mounting. You are just buying the rack! …no hardware. Its a cable rack that fits on your standard US mic stand. Or… you can screw it to the underside of a table. Hang it on the wall for good luck! What you do with it is your business. We recommend use with eurorack cables.


    • How big is it? 11.25″ x 7.5″
    • Whats it made of? Solid aluminum. Powder coated black.
    • Does it come with mounting hardware? No. Use a mic clip or the 5/8ths nut that came with your mic stand.
    • Can I mount the mic stand in any hole? Yes, 7 holes total. 6 are intended for eurorack midi cables.
    • Will it fit standard 1/4″ cables? No, its for eurorack cables. But…you can fit Hosa 1/4″ cables on it. Also USB or any other cable you like.


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