Utility Splitter B-Stock

RMLfx Utility Splitter Box B-Stock Special!

Its not a looper!


Price: 1in x 4 0ut buffer: $99

Domestic shipping: $10
International Shipping: $24-$50.00
***International shipping is estimated.

**Requires an 9volt regulated DC (neg tip) supply
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So Simple and perfect. One signal in. Four cloned buffer signals out. The 4th buffer has an adjustable gain.

PLEASE READ! Had a small problem with the laser and it etched the graphic a bit blurred. The rest is perfect, no other issues. Now you can use your utility box pretending you are drunk without actually having to drink. Cheers! – Barbie


    • Use up to 4 amps at a time
    • Recored 2 different amps at the same time.
    • Send a dry un amped signal to the mixing board.
    • Use additional amps for larger choruses. Mute tracks back to verse.
    • Enhance your configurations.
    • So may things you could do…



barbie Saint June 29, 2018 Uncategorized