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Hyde Target Transmitter Box sn#441

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Requires an 18volt power supply with a negative tip that can deliver at least 150ma. (Not included.)

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•••This is a ONE OF A KIND build. All jacks are 1/8th (3.5mm) intended for use with modular synth eurorack systems. I’ll be making a video shortly.

The re-purosed WWII military targeting transmitter (BC 655 A) box has been remade into Hyde Distortion Filter 2.0. The “Target Transmitter” was a museum quality artifact. By far one of the most unique boxes we’ve done. Not only is this a piece of history but now it lives on as a eclectic piece of studio gear. Beautiful and useful at the same time.

We replaced the diodes in the analog ladder filter with green LEDs. When the filter is open the top port glows a nice eerie green through the slightly fractured glass. As the filter closes the LEDs dim. This is especially cool when working with the CV inputs or just letting the slow drifting LFO modulation run.  The glow will follow the filter sweeps. This unit also has the original built in meter. Fully functional. Both Filter and Resonance knobs are also original. We left the original schematic and frequency reference chart on the side and rear.

I’ve laser etched labels for every function. This was a very nerve racking process knowing we could only get it right once. For this unit only we’ve changed the LFO modulation toggle to “Target Drift” and the signal LED that flashes when receiving a signal now says “Target Lock”. The laser etching is non-contrasty enough not to take away from the original look but still provides a nice road map for use. CV inputs along the top of the device give you 5 CV modulation options. We added a vintage on/off toggle to kill power while not in use.

The Hyde Distortion Filter is taken directly from the Jekyll n Hyde Dual filter box. This is a distortion box with an active Low Pass (Diode Ladder) Filter and enhanced resonant feedback. A very slow drifting LFO modulates the filter frequency.

Recently added features:

2.0 has bunch more CV flexibility.

    • An inverted LPF control. Send a positive saw tooth wave and the response will be in reverse.
    • Resonance control for those deep clamped down filter harmonics.
    • A low cut (HPF) to sweep out the low end for creative mixing and layering.
    • Mid range distortion enhancement. Makes the distortion more dominating
    • Each new CV has a corresponding responsive LED.

I’ve also added a distortion bypass toggle to provide an alternative clean input to the filter.

“Active” LED is responsive to input signal. Active LED is bypassed when clean input is enabled.

The Hyde Distortion filter is perfect for creating dark textures and soundscapes. Tune the resonant feedback to match your harmonic droning or wall of noise. Turn a synth with no personality into a monster.

Things I enjoy about this pedal:

    • The sound of the filter! Smooth and dark.
    • The distortion is not high gain. Works well with noisy synths.
    • Enhanced resonant feedback for more expressive tones
    • Expanded CV control. New mid range and low cut!
    • Pre-filter distortion and Post overdrive for gain recovery
    • Post germanium clipping/saturation
    • CV filter control, use modular gear to ….modulate!
    • Slow drifting LFO modulation keeps an otherwise stagnate signal alive.
    • True Bypass

The “Active” LED responds to signal input as you feed sound into it.

• Knob controls:
Filter (Large round wheel knob)
Resonance (Lever knob)
LFO Modulation
Target Drift: LFO Pulse
Target lock: Signal indicator
LFO Amount
LFO Speed
Large true bypass toggle (above modulation tag)

Saturate: Germanium Clipping
**Requires a regulate 18volt DC Supply. Standard negative tip with a min of 150ma. (not included) Will run on 12volts for a dirtier sound. Lower voltage will affect the smoothness of the filter.

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