B-Stock Clean OverdrivR

Clean OverdrivR sn#355


B-Stock? Maybe!

A Clean Boost/Overdrive pedal
Reg. Price : $339 (with vintage meter)
Sale Price: $199
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***About this pedal:

Its not so much a B-Stock pedal. It just has a B+ stock meter on it. Other than that its perfect. The Clean OverdrivR is perfect for placing in front of you tube amp. Give yourself that extra boost you need or use it as a buffer. Its a Clean Boost, with an additional overdrive. This is the newest version. It has a bypassable muff like tone sweep. Input impedance knob helps you keep your signal clean with a variety of pickups.

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More on the Clean OverdrivR:

The RML “Clean OverdrivR” is a combination Boost and Distortion/Overdrive.

This pedal has two channels: Clean Boost and Overdrive/Distortion. The stomp switch  between these two channels.

Size of top panel is 4.5″ x 6″ The footprint is about the size of a large 1790 aluminum enclosure.

Use this to drive your tube amp. This pedal works with, a 9-volt, negative-tip power supply.

**Two 1950s Binding posts are placed under the meter to complete the retro look.

Output: Volume for each mode of operation.
Drive: This knob only functions when the pedal is in overdrive mode. This increases/decreases the amount of gain on the overdrive channel.
Toggle 1: Switches between the clean boost and overdrive channels.
Toggle 2: Diode clipping mod works in both clean and overdrive modes. It is controlled by the secondary toggle switch. You will notice a slight decrease in bass and volume when the diode clip is engaged. Works best when overdrive is cranked!

Foot switch: True Bypass

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